5 Best Religious Apps Worthy to Install: Nourishing the Soul:

Best Religious App Thanks to the advancement of technology, we are now enjoying great devices such as owning a smartphone. Whatever brand it may be, everyone surely enjoys using it because of the various applications ready for installation. Aside from games, have you ever downloaded and installed a religious app? People might laugh at you for having such an app, but it doesn’t matter – everyone has the right to choose what he deemed to believe when it comes to religion. There is nothing wrong in installing the best religious app on your phone.
If you are searching for the best religious apps, here are some of the worthy apps that you can install:

  1. The Pope – you probably have heard of the news of our Pope Francis of using Twitter to tweet messages. Well, through social media, you get to connect to billions of people; it can be safe to say that he is an effective social media rock star. With his charismatic personality, he can connect to both young and old Catholics. If you want to connect more to our Pope, starting from media galleries to papal events, you can check out and perhaps download this app. This is a Vatican-sponsored app that is available for iOS and Android device users and is free to download.
  2. Church Caster Lite – another android and iOS compatible app, this best religious app gives you the latest inspirational speeches as well as sermons coming from various Christian preachers and speakers. This also enables you to access inspiring podcasts of Rick Warren’s Ministry Podcast, Joel Osteen Audio, and many more. It also allows the user to search for scriptural quotes as well as the 20 versions of the Bible. Isn’t that amazing?
  3. Pocket Torah – this app enables are created and supported by the Jewish New Media Innovation Fund. This is developed to help users learn the Torah as well as Haftarah in their android or iOS devices. It includes texts in original Hebrew and helpful translation. Also, it has on-demand audio where you can just tap on the verse to use.
  4. Qibla Finder/ iSalam – this best religious app is dedicated to all of our Muslim brothers around the world. Some of us may tend to forget to pray, but for our Muslim brothers, praying is important which they do five times a day. It is important to pray towards the direction of Kaabah in Mecca. It would be frustrating if you were to pray in a different location. This app (together with your device’s GPS and internal compass) will help you to find the direction and pray.
  5. The Bible – this free app is more than just its name. Aside from the bible is easily accessible, it is translated in over 400 languages (depends on its version) and is available in downloadable texts or audio. It also includes bookmarking, devotional guides, study plans, and others. It has social features where you can stream bible activities or get to share the verses that you like.

Best Religious App There you have it, the top best religious app that you can access in your smartphones or other devices. Whether you are a devout practitioner of your religion or not, having this kind of app will serve as the best reminder that there are ways, especially if you are determined to find one, to nourish your soul.